“Combo-pilling” is a more radical approach to slimming. It has been used for some time by numerous famous celebrities, and is now becoming increasingly popular with the general public.  Combo pilling involves the dubious practice of combining two or more diet pills, rather than just taking a single pill. Pill combinations include, Xenadrine and Hydroxycut, SlimTron HGS and Hype and Zantrex-3 and Smartburn for Women.The most popular diet pill combination is Zantrex-3 and Relacore. Zantrex-3 is a stimulant-based pill that is claimed to boost fat burning and energy levels, while Relacore is believed to have a calming effect, and to counteract the fat stimulating effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Many claim that the weight loss effects of both pills are considerably enhanced when taken together. Combo-pilling is a potentially dangerous practice because the side effects of diet pills can be amplified when taken together.

How does combo-pilling work?

The basic concept behind combo-pilling is to take two or more diet pills simultaneously to increase metabolism, reduce appetite and enhance mood. The most popular pill cocktail is Zantrex-3 and Relacore. This is claimed by many users to considerably magnify the weight loss benefits that can be achieved by taking the two pills separately. Zantrex-3 is claimed by the manufacturer to promote rapid weight loss through fat burning and to deliver a major energy boost. Relacore is marketed as a mood elevating, anti-stress pill that promises to stop the anxiety hormone cortisol in its tracks, thus reducing belly fat.

To have the optimum weight loss effects it is believed that the diet pill combination should have the following properties:

1. Boost metabolism
2. Enhance thermogenesis
3. Suppress appetite
4. Block carbohydrate absorption
5. Bind dietary fat
6. Cleanse and detoxify
7. Relieve stress

Side-effects of combo-pilling

Taking two or more diet pills in combination can be potentially dangerous because the number of side effects increases and the magnitude of these effects can be amplified. For example, Zantrex-3 side effects include stimulant related effects such as the jitters, increased heart rate, nausea, restlessness and cold sweats. Withdrawal symptoms have also been reported by some users when Zantrex-3 usage is terminated. Side-effects that have been reported by some slimmers taking Relacore include blurred vision, tiredness, and changes in blood pressure.

Combo-pilling pros

  • Numerous positive testimonials have been posted claiming enhanced weight loss

Combo-pilling cons

  • There is no clinical evidence supporting the use of combo-pilling or information on its safety
  • Multiple side effects can be experienced
  • Many diet pill brands are of dubious quality and no details of the manufacturer, the country where pills are made, product quality control and purity, or a contact address are provided

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